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During the very early days of settlement in S.W. Saskatchewan Anglican services were conducted by itinerant ministers in the homes of ranchers and homesteaders. Two years after the coming of the railway assured the establishment of the Town of Eastend, a group of dedicated and generous parishioners built this little church on Elm Street. A donation from The Girls’ Friendly Society of Huntley, Diocese of Chichester, Sussex, England was the seed funding for the construction. The building was completed in the summer of 1915 and consecrated in 1916.
The church is named for a Benedictine monk from Rome who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury.
Over the last 93 years the little church has weathered spells of drought and plenty. As with all churches in small rural communities, St. Augustine’s has had a fluctuating congregation size and has frequently been without a resident minister.
Almost a century after its construction, the little building is as straight and true as the day it was built. A few minor repairs are needed but with continued loving care St. Augustine’s should easily endure for the next 100 years.
With the blessing of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle and support of the Eastend congregation St. Augustine’s joins and changes with the 21st century.
The church is available for lay services and appropriate secular functions.
Affection for St. Augustine’s and enthusiasm for local endeavours transcend differences of religious persuasions.

Everyone is welcome.

In the Service section you will find details of services at St. Augustine’s.
The Events section will feature a calendar of secular and special activities to be held in the church and photos of past events.

New ideas are always welcomed.

St. Augustine


St. Augustine's, is located in the bucolic town of Eastend, Saskatchewan, surrounded by the picturesque hills of the Frenchman River valley. Eastend is at the eastern end of the rolling Cypress Hills of southwestern Saskatchewan; about 40 miles from Cypress Provincial Park and 62 miles from Maple Creek. The church is part of the Palliser Parish in the Diocese of Qu'Appelle.


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The Church of St. Augustine's

217 Elm Street, Eastend, Saskatchewan S0N 0T0